Geometry: How shapes came to existence

Many people have heard about squaring the circle. Mainstream $cience likes to associate the term as being the result of Pythagoras studies, and the supposed measuring of a sphere earth. As a carpenter/architect, I can tell you that reproducing perfect circles is not easy. You can use a string, or other modern tools to try to reproduce it, but you always have flaws. The only way to get a perfect circle, is to use a square. Tangents are basically the edges of a square, rotated in place to form the perfect circle.

I did just that in autocad, to show how the square was used to create perfect circles. Since we cannot ask the first people to have expressed geometry, it is only logical to remain open to suggestion. What I show, is how geometry was possibly developed, since all we can do is use logic to base hypothesis. Conclusion cannot be reached, as we do not have the original hypothesis. I am content on not knowing, and remaining in the realm of speculation using logic and understanding.


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