Flat Earth: Time you all wake up….NOW

It is time for people to be shown the truth of the matter. Everyone thinks Flat Earth is this new phenomena, and there is this huge hype for it….It is all simulated. Only real people, are the activists. If you are just making videos, you are in the virtual existence of this movement, where numbers are inflated, deflated, faked, surpressed etc.

I truly thought it had a chance this time around…When activism started on youtube, it seemed like things might head in the right direction. Of course none of the “heroes” of flat earth were doing any of the activism, it was the real people who took initiative. Many other channels are clapping, saying good job, then going on their channels to ridicule that person. Such childish games, yet people still want to have a big hug fest and let it be. This is the reason we are in this situation, we keep allowing narcissists to have a voice. We also just allow them to run governement, always forgiving for past transgressions, only to be met with further surpressing, opression and plain out criminal activity on the population.

People need to stop this tone of “let’s come together”. The people who are setup opposition, will never truly drop the charades and join. They will however act like they are genuine, even apoligize, cry or show emotion on camera….The reason society is in this situation, the human condition. Love, peace, forgiveness….all weekness when you are against psychopathic controlling narcissists.

This is the reason we are in the situation we are in today, because people will not stand against the narcissists who are killing you softly and charging you for medical care for the cancers they give you….


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