Why does it seem the governments and institutions are so opposed to activism or peaceful assembly? Most countries have now made it illegal to get together and express concern. A lot of the topics that are brought up, are topics that mainstream media avoids. Oil industry, freedom of speech, human rights, environmental laws/lack of, education etc…..So many different areas of society that people want changed.

Do they listen? Nope, send in the gas cans and riot gear to disperse the “terrorists”….This is done to discourage others and instill fear that protesting will get you hurt.

People are now pushing activism on the shape of the earth. Globe and sphere earth $cientists are avoiding the topic and flooding mainstream with space news. Here are a few examples of people taking to the street to show people the failures of the Sphere Earth  model they charge us 52mil a day to sell. That is just NASA’s initial budget, and not a measure of the “global” cost per day…

People are bringing the topic to the people. Out of the hundreds of people on social media claiming to be helping with Flat Earth, only a few have taken initiative and taken it to the street. The make videos to encourage others to take part. It is time we all came to the consensus we are being lied to, and being charged for it….



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