Are trolls real? Or a ruse to get society to believe we are all trolls?

Internet is not about information, it is about controlling information and using it to control the population. Many people are now realizing the “troll” situation online is beyond repair. What if it is just a ruse? An illusion to portray society is that far gone and needs saving?


Aliens have started to get more and more mainstream. They are teaching children about Anunaki aliens and imbedding it in their tv shows. More and more “space” scientists are leaning towards aliens, showing you cgi images of supposed other “planets”….

So, now we stand at the edge of world war….for no reason. It would almost seem all the demoralizing that society has been up to, is for a reason.


Here is your prophecy. When it happens, do not be a sheep and trust your government….


War will break out, famines, desperation. Pollution, clean water will become the most valuable commodity. Just when everyone loses hope, ALIENS will come save us poor humans…Of course this ship will cause the ISS to fall from the sky in a blue fireball. The test was done in Russia btw in case you didn’t notice. Back to the “prophecy”. So ISS and other stations fall to the ground. Proof they were real…but no one will care, the earth is destroyed. Then the aliens will claim they are god. And have been watching us….blah blah blah…you are all going to hell. GOD will point out homosexuality, transgenderism, piercings, tattoos, all the stuff media has been pushing us to accept. Even making a man, woman of the year…….So. Once God shames you all, he will point to “god’s people” aka Jewish/Judaism. He will praise them, and of course confirm yes they are the chosen people……He will then put them in charge, and tada Magic. Notice the people who run all media are jewish? Notice none of them are taking part in the demoralizing behaviour? Notice none of them are inter breeding? Arian race was never Hitler’s goal, it was theirs. There was no holocaust of the jewish people, the holocaust is the native people right next to you. Over 60 million native Americans so far since Columbus got lost and thought he was in India. That doesn’t count south America in the total.

So when it happens, do not say people did not see it coming. If you are sympathetic to a parasite society whose goal is total control and destruction of all others, you have real logic issues. It is no wonder they have their own defamation league, they have to otherwise people would hear about the crap they hide. Instead, they drag you through their tailor made justice system.


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