Flat Earth: Communications

Aren’t you tired of the lies? How much money do you think we have spent over the years on “satellites”? Probably more than they get from their initial budget…Many people like to make rabbit holes out of it. Oh I saw one in the sky…..Look photo evidence….I see a light moving over me….You see all kinds of people trying to prove it. Yet not one goes to the ISS live feed and says ” Oh there’s one, another and another, see stupid flat earther!!”
Why is that? Shouldn’t we see them on the horizon as the ISS whips by every 90 mins? Surely if they are big enough to see from the ground, I should see them everywhere from the “ISS cam”?
Sorry folks, communications has always been ground based. Tesla proved his theories, and they burned his lab down. So he started over, spent all his time re-documenting everything he had done. Then wham, hit by a car…..Almost killed him, he refused hospitals… I wonder why? Someone burns your established lab, the man who created Niagara Power station and brought light to everyone, in ruins. No one wanting to help…..Sound familiar? Every day, scientists are being silenced and not published. You never hear about it, because their findings go against mainstream magicians. Astronomers have disappeared, must be a coincidence….I am sure its is only in certain sciences that there is this much division, science is a big happy Care Bear Stare, holding hands. So far from the truth. People are constantly trying to get people to look at the fallacies that are being portrayed. Many of them are still stuck in globe science, put are pointing out the same errors we are.


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