Flat Earth AutoCAD: Beating the bulge

Some people are still being faced with the bulge calculators. I covered it earlier to show how at 6 miles apart, 2 individuals would have their eyes below the “bulge”. Bulge math is not correct to describe a sphere. What it does is diminish how much curve their should be.
They use a slice of the globe to say the water bulges in the middle. So I sliced them a piece, and showed that at 12 miles apart it would impossible to see anyone on the other shore, without having to look through water.

This is an experiment anyone can do. If you do try it, video tape it if you can. Document your locations. Verify distances with multiple sources. And the biggest thing to take into account, conditions. Do not go when the wind is 50 mph, or a high humidity day. Try it multiple times with different conditions to see how it affects visibility. Nice calm cool days are optimal as the lake surface is flat as a mirror, and will not cause perspective related illusions. The calmer the better. Water is static when still.



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