Geometry: How shapes came to existence

Many people have heard about squaring the circle. Mainstream $cience likes to associate the term as being the result of Pythagoras studies, and the supposed measuring of a sphere earth. As a carpenter/architect, I can tell you that reproducing perfect circles is not easy. You can use a string, or other modern tools to try to reproduce it, but you always have flaws. The only way to get a perfect circle, is to use a square. Tangents are basically the edges of a square, rotated in place to form the perfect circle.

I did just that in autocad, to show how the square was used to create perfect circles. Since we cannot ask the first people to have expressed geometry, it is only logical to remain open to suggestion. What I show, is how geometry was possibly developed, since all we can do is use logic to base hypothesis. Conclusion cannot be reached, as we do not have the original hypothesis. I am content on not knowing, and remaining in the realm of speculation using logic and understanding.


Flat Earth: Time you all wake up….NOW

It is time for people to be shown the truth of the matter. Everyone thinks Flat Earth is this new phenomena, and there is this huge hype for it….It is all simulated. Only real people, are the activists. If you are just making videos, you are in the virtual existence of this movement, where numbers are inflated, deflated, faked, surpressed etc.

I truly thought it had a chance this time around…When activism started on youtube, it seemed like things might head in the right direction. Of course none of the “heroes” of flat earth were doing any of the activism, it was the real people who took initiative. Many other channels are clapping, saying good job, then going on their channels to ridicule that person. Such childish games, yet people still want to have a big hug fest and let it be. This is the reason we are in this situation, we keep allowing narcissists to have a voice. We also just allow them to run governement, always forgiving for past transgressions, only to be met with further surpressing, opression and plain out criminal activity on the population.

People need to stop this tone of “let’s come together”. The people who are setup opposition, will never truly drop the charades and join. They will however act like they are genuine, even apoligize, cry or show emotion on camera….The reason society is in this situation, the human condition. Love, peace, forgiveness….all weekness when you are against psychopathic controlling narcissists.

This is the reason we are in the situation we are in today, because people will not stand against the narcissists who are killing you softly and charging you for medical care for the cancers they give you….


Why does it seem the governments and institutions are so opposed to activism or peaceful assembly? Most countries have now made it illegal to get together and express concern. A lot of the topics that are brought up, are topics that mainstream media avoids. Oil industry, freedom of speech, human rights, environmental laws/lack of, education etc…..So many different areas of society that people want changed.

Do they listen? Nope, send in the gas cans and riot gear to disperse the “terrorists”….This is done to discourage others and instill fear that protesting will get you hurt.

People are now pushing activism on the shape of the earth. Globe and sphere earth $cientists are avoiding the topic and flooding mainstream with space news. Here are a few examples of people taking to the street to show people the failures of the Sphere Earth  model they charge us 52mil a day to sell. That is just NASA’s initial budget, and not a measure of the “global” cost per day…

People are bringing the topic to the people. Out of the hundreds of people on social media claiming to be helping with Flat Earth, only a few have taken initiative and taken it to the street. The make videos to encourage others to take part. It is time we all came to the consensus we are being lied to, and being charged for it….


Are trolls real? Or a ruse to get society to believe we are all trolls?

Internet is not about information, it is about controlling information and using it to control the population. Many people are now realizing the “troll” situation online is beyond repair. What if it is just a ruse? An illusion to portray society is that far gone and needs saving?


Aliens have started to get more and more mainstream. They are teaching children about Anunaki aliens and imbedding it in their tv shows. More and more “space” scientists are leaning towards aliens, showing you cgi images of supposed other “planets”….

So, now we stand at the edge of world war….for no reason. It would almost seem all the demoralizing that society has been up to, is for a reason.


Here is your prophecy. When it happens, do not be a sheep and trust your government….


War will break out, famines, desperation. Pollution, clean water will become the most valuable commodity. Just when everyone loses hope, ALIENS will come save us poor humans…Of course this ship will cause the ISS to fall from the sky in a blue fireball. The test was done in Russia btw in case you didn’t notice. Back to the “prophecy”. So ISS and other stations fall to the ground. Proof they were real…but no one will care, the earth is destroyed. Then the aliens will claim they are god. And have been watching us….blah blah blah…you are all going to hell. GOD will point out homosexuality, transgenderism, piercings, tattoos, all the stuff media has been pushing us to accept. Even making a man, woman of the year…….So. Once God shames you all, he will point to “god’s people” aka Jewish/Judaism. He will praise them, and of course confirm yes they are the chosen people……He will then put them in charge, and tada Magic. Notice the people who run all media are jewish? Notice none of them are taking part in the demoralizing behaviour? Notice none of them are inter breeding? Arian race was never Hitler’s goal, it was theirs. There was no holocaust of the jewish people, the holocaust is the native people right next to you. Over 60 million native Americans so far since Columbus got lost and thought he was in India. That doesn’t count south America in the total.

So when it happens, do not say people did not see it coming. If you are sympathetic to a parasite society whose goal is total control and destruction of all others, you have real logic issues. It is no wonder they have their own defamation league, they have to otherwise people would hear about the crap they hide. Instead, they drag you through their tailor made justice system.

Flat Earth: Communications

Aren’t you tired of the lies? How much money do you think we have spent over the years on “satellites”? Probably more than they get from their initial budget…Many people like to make rabbit holes out of it. Oh I saw one in the sky…..Look photo evidence….I see a light moving over me….You see all kinds of people trying to prove it. Yet not one goes to the ISS live feed and says ” Oh there’s one, another and another, see stupid flat earther!!”
Why is that? Shouldn’t we see them on the horizon as the ISS whips by every 90 mins? Surely if they are big enough to see from the ground, I should see them everywhere from the “ISS cam”?
Sorry folks, communications has always been ground based. Tesla proved his theories, and they burned his lab down. So he started over, spent all his time re-documenting everything he had done. Then wham, hit by a car…..Almost killed him, he refused hospitals… I wonder why? Someone burns your established lab, the man who created Niagara Power station and brought light to everyone, in ruins. No one wanting to help…..Sound familiar? Every day, scientists are being silenced and not published. You never hear about it, because their findings go against mainstream magicians. Astronomers have disappeared, must be a coincidence….I am sure its is only in certain sciences that there is this much division, science is a big happy Care Bear Stare, holding hands. So far from the truth. People are constantly trying to get people to look at the fallacies that are being portrayed. Many of them are still stuck in globe science, put are pointing out the same errors we are.

Flat Earth AutoCAD: Beating the bulge

Some people are still being faced with the bulge calculators. I covered it earlier to show how at 6 miles apart, 2 individuals would have their eyes below the “bulge”. Bulge math is not correct to describe a sphere. What it does is diminish how much curve their should be.
They use a slice of the globe to say the water bulges in the middle. So I sliced them a piece, and showed that at 12 miles apart it would impossible to see anyone on the other shore, without having to look through water.

This is an experiment anyone can do. If you do try it, video tape it if you can. Document your locations. Verify distances with multiple sources. And the biggest thing to take into account, conditions. Do not go when the wind is 50 mph, or a high humidity day. Try it multiple times with different conditions to see how it affects visibility. Nice calm cool days are optimal as the lake surface is flat as a mirror, and will not cause perspective related illusions. The calmer the better. Water is static when still.


Water is Life, why are we poisoning the water?

We are told for progress and economic growth, we need to embrace the oil industry. Always about the oil, or the minerals. We the people never benefit from the mining.  We get some short term jobs, while the minerals are shipped back to the country the company is from. Then the disaster is left for the people to enjoy…..Alberta Oil Sands, is ruining the water and the land. Future generations will have nothing to enjoy, as it will be desolate, and barren.